We take pride in cooking from the heart and Danny spends much time in the kitchen making the majority of the cakes that you see on the dessert counter. He can also often be found with a bottle of Limoncello or Averna for an after dinner drink.

Our signature dishes include Fermino’s tiramisu a recipe that has been passed down to us like many of our secret recipes. Alternatively the chefs prepare a fantastic Zabaglione to order which originates from Marsala in Sicily somewhere Rick has been very fortunate to visit and cook with local chefs. This dish is a form of sabayon and made whisking eggs, marsala and sugar over a gentle heat.

In true Valentino’s tradition you of course get an umbrella in your pudding and a sparkler on your birthday!

One of our most favourite after dinner drinks is a café coretto. Rather than an Irish coffee a café coretto is simply made by adding a dash of Sambuca or your chosen Liquor into the top of your espresso.